School Profile

  • Type of School: An open enrollment public charter school for both male and females currently serving Grades K-12.

    Opened:  August 2016

    Master Enrollment Plan:
    Elementary (K-5)         125
    Middle School (6-8)     100
    High School (9-12)      100

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    School Features

    • Small School Advantage
    • Use of "Blended Learning" Instructional Techniques
    • AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) College Readiness System
    • College Preparatory curriculum with core courses 
    • Fully Embraces Student Centric Technology

    Accreditation:  Kingsland School is accredited by the Texas Education Agency

    Student Body Profile:

    • 100 % of student body is college-bound
    • Students from Llano & Burnet Counties​

    School Colors:  Royal Blue & Carolina Blue

    School Mascot:  Lakers

    School Ideal:  Citizen...Scholar...Athlete