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    Kingsland School is a public charter school and a member of the Orenda Charter School District. 

    The Need: To enhance our American public education system through improved teaching, innovation in instructional methods, and integration of technology to personalize learning and create more engaged students.

    Our Mission: To create new and innovative school choice opportunities in Central Texas for families seeking an alternative to the large, more traditional public school system.

    Our Vision: To be a leader in the school choice movement, providing life-changing academic instruction to students who may not reach their academic and human potential in the large, more traditional public school system.

    Our Purpose: The Corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. Orenda Education is also the not-for-profit sponsoring entity for the Orenda Charter School District, an “open- enrollment charter school” district. A charter school is a public school sponsored by a private, not-for-profit.

    For more information regarding the school district, visit orendaeducation.org.